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GSO Test

 St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School fully supports Black Lives Matter.

We are committed to equality, inclusion and creating better lives for all our children and we will continue to do everything we can as a school to promote equality and diversity in all of its forms .

In support of the principles behind the Black Lives Matter movement, we recognise that we have a platform and a voice which we must use to help our children understand the role we all play in eradicating racism in our world. As a Catholic school, we welcome all to our community and celebrate diversity - All forms of intolerance and discrimination are opposed to our values. Challenging racism must be a part of moving forward and we as a school will play a positive role in this process.

We can do better. We must do better. We will do better.

Supporting children to understand the Black Lives Matter movement

Many children have questions about the images, stories and conversations they hear on the news and around them. The downloadable guide below created by Yoopies, aims to provide resources, advice and tips to ensure that children are aware of racial inequality, racial hierarchies and white privilege present in modern day society, as well as share tools and knowledge in which to combat racism today.

Click on the image below to download