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GSO Test

In Year Admissions

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The forms below are the current forms and as such, any prior forms are obsolete.

Parents applying need only complete page 1 of the supplementary information form. We will request the Priest's reference once we have receipt of application. Copies are also available from the office - just ask for Ms O'Shea.

If you are considering deferred entry or part-time attendance, we strongly recommend you discuss this with the school first before making a formal request.

Admissions 2023/2024

Admissions Policy 2023 2024 

Supplementary Information Form SIF 2023 2024 

Admissions 2022/2023 (In Year)

Admissions Policy 2022 2023 

Supplementary Information Form SIF 2022 2023 

As of the 5th June 2022, Pentecost, the Bishops of England and Wales reinstated the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Parents applying for a place at St. Andrew's Catholic Primary School, under a faith based criteria will need to complete a Supplementary Information Form. Evidence of practice will be measured by frequency of attendance at Mass as validated by either a priest or minister, as was the case prior to 18th March 2020. These arrangements apply to the admissions round for 2023 and subsequent rounds.